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Paper, watercolor 26x36. Since it is impossible for me to find time for a full-fledged work, I will be content with hour sketches. Each type of paper is a separate novel. Then I got to the cotton baohong. The general first fill does not work, you have to cut it. Or I "do not know how to cook it"? But in general, to search and sample completely come down. While I had another break, I, like crazy, bought new paints, brushes, paper. As if they are able to compensate for the lack of real painting. Nah! But the pressure on the conscience. From new products perylene - they are beautiful !!! For the first time I do not spit on the result of the burgundy-brown irises😁 Sorry for people who are not aware of the picturesque slang!

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 Cyclamen. Paper, watercolor. Result.

In general, not much has changed. She wrote to order in order to "strengthen the zone of love and marriage" in pink in a certain sector of the room according to Feng Shui science. From this point of view, I have never written anything :) Photo 2 "oh, what happened to her ?!" actually a photo of the work to the light. The quality of the Mulin paper (Moulin Du Royi) upset me very much - the sizing literally washed off with every movement of the brush. The paint simply "failed" and faded. A maximum of a couple of fills is possible to do on it. I hope that I just got a defective sheet. Often you come across a similar marriage?

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Ciclomens - step 2 in progress... 

I do not like to show unfinished work - I am afraid to jinx it and then spoil it. But then I changed my mind. You write to yourself on one paper and it already seems that "here it is!" - understood as needed, discovered America !!! (usually the work at this point is hopelessly exhausted). You take another paper and ... Where are you my America ??? But on satin flowers are always better obtained. While the handsome man is still in bloom, maybe I will master the third option - now for sure! :) But for now while in the second version I am leaving for full Nirvana when writing leaves. I hope to stop in time and show the final version

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Permanent restrictions on Instagram (automatic disconnection of subscriptions, censorship of likes), strengthened my determination to make my personal website.