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According to a master class by Sergei Kurbatov. 28x38
Noisy options for this work on Instagram and good! But I just woke up and remembered about her.
More than a week, WEEKS !!! I wrote a copy of my still life for the exhibition iws_sare_gallery_moscow in February. The original was written in 3 days ... Damn, this turned out to be much more difficult with watercolor than with oil! And the monitor is in trouble. After my slightly settled relations with Sanders, I took arsh - for reliability and ... Arsh does not consume color at all! It turned out, probably, my brightest “tear out my eyes” work.

As I saw with the backlight of the monitor, I transferred it to the sheet. From now on, the topic of the absorption of pigment by cotton turned upside down for me - when you rely on the fact that the paper harmonizes and calms everything, but no! And then by ... I took it with a heavy heart, but there was still no time to redo it. So it’s always with me - my perfectionism does not allow me to live calmly and easily relate to the results. I am almost always dissatisfied; I always evaluate and endlessly criticize my work. So if you want to make your painting more rich and vibrant, here's a couple of bad tips: write a few months on the sanders, and then make copies from the authors' monitor with bright painting on arsha, but better at the factory (it is even brighter). And all this with gloomy northern lighting and the result will not only surprise you!
Come to the exhibition!
Opening of the exhibition: February 1, 2020 at 16:00.
Moscow, 2nd Paveletsky passage, 5C1, floor 5, office 2.

Thank you for your attention, interest and time.
Natalia Popova - Professional Artist.