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Oh !!! Here she was able to overcome the cotton baohong !!!
Moving to Moscow. Gatherings, vanity, bags with things - once I really liked it ... The so-called "Suitcase mood". Now, with horror and panic, I count the days before departure. Either too much now has to collect junk (husband, children, cat), or I wound up at the end. And in principle, it’s not bad sometimes to shake oneself and change the shell, but only without these endless tedious gatherings!

The crown of all this fuss was that I submitted 2 works to the exhibition and both of my works were approved ... But I managed to forget one work in the Crimea ... How so?!? A couple of days, dumbfounded and angry at yourself "beloved." Now I'm sitting and trying to make a copy. The second consecutive copy of their own work! It turned out to be wildly complicated. It is much easier from nature or from a photo ... In general, it is impossible to make an identical copy - this is the whole charm of watercolor, but what to do with the exhibition? There were a couple of days left for a decision ... The fussy and tiring one turned out to me last year. And its ending is appropriate

Thank you for your attention, interest and time.
Natalia Popova - Professional Artist.