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My work at the workshop of Anna Chepurnoy-Oleynik.
Last Sunday I attended my first master class - Anna's master class @ chepurnaiaoleinik. Usually I don’t go to master classes, but then all the stars coincided - I ended up in St. Petersburg on time. It was very interesting. The progress of the work, the sequence and even the movements of the brush - everything is completely different ... Until now, everything inside me is squeezing into a lump when I remember how Anna “stroked against the wool” on the surface of rough paper my favorite core brush!

I would never have guessed SO driving a brush over paper. I haven’t yet understood if this is any good - is it really true that the paint goes differently or is it just a feature of Anna. Need to try in a relaxed atmosphere. Now I regret that I left my calligraphy brushes in Crimea. With a natural column, I won’t be able to ... Now I could carve out a day for watercolor and strengthen my skills. In the carousel there are photos of details of Anna’s work that seemed interesting to me and the graphics - the drawing is very well placed (clear, confident lines and honed hatching). No face is a great school. Thanks Anna and was glad to meet you real!

Thank you for your attention, interest and time.
Natalia Popova - Professional Artist.