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"Temple and blessed people" Tempera painting 45x60 Written by Natalia Popova - Professional Artist in 2019

Temple and blessed people Painting Tempera 45x60 Written by Natalia Popova - Professional Artist in 2019

First participated in event "We draw the Intercession Cathedral". An interesting event! Crowds of suffering artists converged at the central point of the capital in a single impulse to capture the symbol of Moscow. In this crowd, I, like a savage who recently descended from the mountains of Crimea, completely forgot about the insidious plan to find an interesting perspective and fled away to the saving shadow. In fact, the crowd was very positive and I really liked the event. I was afraid to take watercolors and decided to "relax" at the tempera. I’m not at all happy with the result - after a couple of hours she frankly soured and even lost interest. This is me !!! Which usually cannot stop in time! Still, you need to prepare for such events - at least go around nature and look around, and not run into distant bushes😂!

Thank you for your attention, interest and time.
Natalia Popova - Professional Artist