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"Cyclamen" Watercolor Painting 26x36 Painted by Natalia Popova - Professional Artist in 2019

Cyclamen Watercolor Painting 26x36 Written by Natalia Popova - Professional Artist in 2019

You write yourself on one paper and it already seems that "here it is!" - I understood how I needed to, discovered America !!! (usually the work at this point is already hopelessly exhausted). You take another paper and ... Where are you my America ??? But on satin, flowers are always better. But for now, I'm leaving for full Nirvana when writing the leaves.

I wrote to order with the goal of "strengthening the zone of love and marriage" in pink in a certain sector of the room in Feng Shui science. From this point of view, I had never written anything: I was very upset by the quality of the mouline paper - the sizing was literally washed off with every movement of the brush. The paint just “fell through” and faded. A maximum of a couple of fillings can be done on it. I hope that I just came across a defective sheet. Do you often come across such a marriage?

Thank you for your attention, interest and time.
Natalia Popova - Professional Artist