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  Back side. Recently, a good friend of mine informed me that watercolor paper has a downside. Especially in cellulose. No, of course, I knew that it was, but that it was impossible to write on it was a discovery for me. And, as luck would have it, that day I didn’t succeed, and that very reverse side of the buckingford behaved very ugly ... But I almost always tend to blame the “dancer” for everything, otherwise everything will be “wrong” and to blame: paper, paints, weather, etc. I believe that under everything you can, and sometimes you need, to adapt.

Or is it the Soviet past, when the reverse side of the wallpaper and the slightly sanded whatman were commonplace for watercolor? If it’s not difficult for you, enlighten me, Ignoramus, about the back of the paper! How to determine the “face” of paper in sheets with almost the same relief on both sides? What is the difference in color and technique on the back? Yesterday the Sanders leaf was ruined - some kind of chubby color, incredibly faded ... Maybe it was the other side? And by the way ... All color sketches are written on the back of Beirut. But it is a “mix” and on it, now I know for sure, you can write on both sides.