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   Something I turned sour ... I can’t draw at home, and those magical couple of hours on the beach in the evenings in the same place began to misfire. Writing the same thing is very difficult for me! Such is my fickle nature. With clouds and without, with the sun and without, etc. He was drawn to stories not at all for quick effects - the last sketch barely persuaded himself to publish. A shame!!! But the number of works is indicated and whether the time to catch up is unknown.

People are swirling and somehow look at me strangely when I with my brush too often look in their direction. Previously, they would definitely come and be interested, fall asleep: “What are you drawing?”, “It doesn't look like at all!”, “Can you draw me?” And now they’re scaring me. Maybe I’m no longer 20 and my view is severe ??? In general, as usual during a crisis, I’ll go to the garden ...