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Second artist Oleg Timoshin @olegtimoshin_art . I knew him, but I am not a fan of his delicately glamorous landscapes and flowers. But one work interested me technically (it’s just in a carousel with fragments). From the graphite image on the canvas, the sunflowers are moving to a textured plastic mass and watercolor on top of it. There was a lot of plastic in the works at the fair, but somehow it is alien to me. 

 And here it’s very delicate and interesting: the destruction of the stereotypes of the perception of watercolors and oil is a smear, like an oil, and watercolors overflow. Oh, very interesting! Especially with what he primed this very mass, that then the watercolor fell on it? Does anyone know? Or maybe I discovered America when everyone already knew about it a long time ago? On the other hand, according to the finished texture, you can also paint in such watercolor colors ...

Thank you for your attention, interest and time.
Natalia Popova - Professional Artist.