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The other day I visited the Poneaili exhibition fair @ ponaehali.spb and I want to share my impressions with you. The event is quite extensive, well organized and quite crowded despite the fact that it is far from the city center (Shushary). A lot of artists, jewelers, collectors, a little antiques (I didn’t expect antiques to be seen there at all) and even a living fox on a leash (someone’s pet).

 A wonderful image area with a tower of cardboard red suitcases (fair logo) - children were happy to build fortresses and labyrinths from them. I regretted that I did not take my backbills. After a joint visit to the Hermitage, where there was one nagging and howling from them, I could not even think of a joint visit to the exhibitions. The bulk of the creative stands did not really impress me - I am not a fan of abstraction, naive and sweet options for creativity. Even at some point I caught myself thinking that stands with applied art (jewelers, antiques, leather, etc.) interest me more in painting! There were not many watercolors, mainly oil and acrylic. But some artists were a pleasant discovery for me. It is about them that I want to tell you. I met Anna Filipovskaya @anna_art_arch . With her clean sunny landscapes of St. Petersburg, I think many are familiar. It’s a pity that I didn’t have time for her demo. I really liked the textured and unusual watercolors of a certain Lucy Kovaleva-Kondurova. There is information on the Internet about it, but I didn’t find it on Instagram. In the carousel, it’s her work - I don’t even understand exactly how SO watercolor was used: solid textures and lines. Great !!!

Thank you for your attention, interest and time.
Natalia Popova - Professional Artist.