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    For the first time she participated in the event "Drawing the Intercession Cathedral". An interesting event! Crowds of suffering artists came together in a central point of the capital in a single impulse to capture the symbol of Moscow. In this crowd, I, like a savage who had recently descended from the mountains of the Crimea, forgot completely about the insidious plan to find an interesting perspective and ran away into the saving shadow.

In fact, the crowd was very positive and I liked the event very much. I was afraid to take watercolor and decided to "rest" on the tempera. I am completely not satisfied with the result - after a couple of hours, I frankly sour and even lost interest. This is me !!! Which usually can not stop in time! Still, you need to prepare for such events - at least bypassing the nature around and look around, and not run into distant bushes😂! But under the next tree I mastered my black canvas, Olya Guseva (@oguseva) and the penultimate photo on the carousel, I will pacify my desire to ponyt, "I do not give life to the children!". With a chest child on my knees to write a hell of a complicated cathedral - this is too much even for me !!!😯