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Hurray! I finally tried acrylic. Somewhere here at the festival, information flashed that in some countries acrylic almost completely replaced oil. I was quietly indignant: not only had my favorite tempera been pushed into the ass, it also claims to be butter! And now I can honestly say - the way it is. Basically, I see that acrylic is used for decorative purposes and abstractions.

But I wrote a classic painting sketch and it can hardly be distinguished from oil - neither in texture, nor in style, nor in color. Even the same soft gloss. It only dries instantly - put yourself as many layers as you want, without risking disrupting the technology of applying oil (and then everything will dry up, darken and fade). Unlike tempera, there is no change in color as it dries, but acrylic will not replace the velvety purity and brightness of the tempera. All the layering effects that I like so much in tempera can be depicted with acrylic in a very short time. So, I tell you, I liked acrylic! Despite the fact that without lemon and emerald, I could not depict sunlight on the grass. Now I am drawn to the acrylic test area ... I, like tempera, would have introduced it to the mandatory program of art universities.


Thank you for your attention, interest and time.
Natalia Popova - Professional Artist.