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A quick study in the bright sun, A3.

Still, watercolor is a very photogenic young lady! This is my main impression of the exhibition at the @newartfest festival. Very few works that I saw in the form of photos justify the expectation in reality. So this work is much more interesting in the photo. With other materials is not so contrasted. Although many oil works are also faded and less “clean” in life. Let’s see what prizes will win for the works from the “let yourself draw” contest. Oh, very interesting to me!

And now do not forget my hat !!! Though it’s not going to shine so much in the eyes.

In the carousel, my pampering with ecoline watercolors in the test area is very clean and bright. But I still do not understand how to apply them and combine them with regular watercolor. It was very nice to dig on the wet sheet - well, just some kind of psychotherapy!

Thank you for your attention, interest and time.
Natalia Popova - Professional Artist.