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Day 9-10. # 8 minutes raged. I recklessly left the most difficult and interesting for the last days. The virus crippled my mood and strength, but I did IT! Not as good as we would like, but a start has been made. Let's see how further without external forces I will plunge into the implementation of my plans and ideas. Last night, I frantically completed the drafts and giggled to myself - as in the good old student days before the exam. I will not spread everything - I completely rejected a couple of drafts and now I have every right to do it! So the topic is children. For a long time I really want to deal with the images of my boys.

nstagram is full of girls, and the world of boys is not so open. Girls are clearly more popular or I don’t understand something ... Portrait is not my strongest side - we will improve. The first pancakes, of course, are not so hot, but you need to start somewhere! Stuff your hand to start.
More and more fond of legs and heels ... What is it with me? They are so interesting, turn out to be!
Liza. A4. A girl with completely white hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. So white that the tanned skin on the head shines through. Unrealistic image! What do you think is the most difficult to convey in a portrait? Sight? Expression? Smile !!! Especially the nursery. Then I managed to achieve similarities and Lisa left satisfied with her portrait in Moscow ...

Thank you for your attention, interest and time.
Natalia Popova - Professional Artist.