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Watercolor on paper 38x56

 Watercolor. And again about the temperament. In watercolor you can’t control everything, perfectionists are strictly contraindicated !!! Somewhere to let go, somewhere to adjust, spread out with her ... And without the right to make a mistake. No, of course, there is white, but they are often considered a "dirty game." Everyone argues on the topic of whitewash: "can-not" and in what quantity. At competitions, even a maximum of 10% is agreed.

   I think - if a small amount of white light saves the whole work, then it's worth it. Oh, these rules! I edit with them, sometimes so that few people look them up in my watercolors. Maybe someday I will grow to mastery, when I will whitewash categorically bypassing it and using it only for “white nuances”, and not for correcting mistakes, but so far it is. By the way, there was no whitewash in this work. Something I got carried away on the wrong topic.

Thanks for your attention, consideration, and time.
Natalia Popova - Professional Artist.