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"Time to collect grenades" Painting Watercolor 38x56 Natalia Popova - Professional Artist 2019 year

Time to collect grenades Painting Watercolor 38x56 Natalia Popova - Professional Artist 2019

After returning from Sochi, I thought that I would post a bunch of posts with the final versions of sketches and descriptions of the impressions of the festival ... No. It burned out.
In short, the festival was generally liked. She completed almost all the tasks set for herself: I tried acrylic, tried a bunch of watercolors and brushes, watched the demos, met interesting artists for me, or rather, mostly artists. Watercolors and brushes are not decisive, the main thing is how you can write. Paints need to be studied more deeply, proceeding from personal feelings, rather than value and brand. This gave a strong satisfaction - now there is no gnawing worm inside: what if this brand will be different? The number of shades is more confused than helping. The next stage - I want to limit my palette to the minimum amount that will satisfy my needs. Brushes are a kind of toys for artists, but also not a decisive role. It’s a great pleasure to buy a gorgeous core brush from @artavangardkirov, the best quality is the column that I haven’t seen since student days. It is very pleasant that our manufacturers of brushes and paints stay afloat and allow cheap and high-quality materials to be available.
About the artists in the next post - I hope to continue to write my chic pomegranates that ripen and burst picturesquely. You can’t buy such things in the store, and I get high from them. I even bought wonderful Uzbek porcelain to add still life to the oriental aroma. This is the second pancake and is no longer as lumpy as the first, but I want more: watercolors, lightness and purity.

Thank you for your attention, interest and time.
Natalia Popova - Professional Artist.