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"Autumn. Twilight. Mountains." Painting ( etude ) 28x38 Watercolor Natalia Popova - Professional Artist Art Festival NewArtFest 2019

 Autumn. Twilight. Mountains. Painting ( etude ) 28x38 Watercolor Nataliya Popova - Professional Artist Art Festival NewArtFest 2019

This is my spoiled arsh leaf. When I wrote, everything seemed hopeless to me - so the result was different from what I wanted to get. The next day I went again and ruined the sheet again ... Even worse in my understanding. And on viewing our team, this option caused the delight of others and was selected for the exhibition. Yes, for some reason, the curators of our team "did not see the point" to put ALL the work and limited it - 2 per nose. Well, okay, this dubious contest caused some questions and surprise. A watercolor - maybe not as clean as I wanted, but still caught the condition. So right?

Thank you for your attention, interest and time.
Natalia Popova - Professional Artist.