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"Lupins" Tempera painting 40x50 Written by Natalia Popova - Professional Artist in 2019

Lupins Painting Tempera 40x50 Written by Natalia Popova - Professional Artist in 2019

How cool it is to sometimes get distracted and "exhale" with tempera! Each technique corresponds to a person’s temperament. My impatience and temper are quickly realized in covering materials: I splashed it out, didn’t hit it - it shut it off and ... endlessly 😂 Without expensive watercolor paper in the trash. But, like everything forbidden and difficult to achieve, watercolor beckons with absurd disposition and originality. However, I like temperament more and more. A huge number of advantages:
1. It dries quickly and does not need to wait a few days like butter.
2. Write on anything and do not need special surface preparation (oh, how the soil pulls! - there is no such problem).
3. On water, without the stink of thinners. Brushes and a palette are calmly washed with soap and water.
4. Very good light fastness and almost eternal result.
5. There are no strict rules and the possibility of their violations, as in oil: I did not wait until the oil layer dries, the batch is more than 3-4 colors - it has darkened, faded, etc.
6. A unique velvety haze, which however can be very bright and clean.
It is clear why many artists painted it like tempera, like my beloved Serov.
One fat minus is the extreme lack of popularity and meager selection of colors. But in my case it’s even interesting. With pink-purple lupins especially - the Neva palette has no purple options. Of course, there is still acrylic with a rich palette. But it is not so fascinatingly matte and velvety that I want to touch it 😂

Thank you for your attention, interest and time.
Natalia Popova - Professional Artist