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Natalia Popova - Professional Russian Artist
Natalia Popova - Professional Russian Artist

Welcome to my Official site and in the information section About me.


Let's get acquainted! ... it sounds just like my picture of "Ashes of Roses" :)

   I am engaged in the visual arts since childhood. All fine arts circles were mine until graduation! And of course, the Art School.

  And then of course Higher Art Education. But already at school I realized that I wanted not only to create myself, but also to give the joy of creation to others. Therefore, she graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts at Moscow State Pedagogical University (previously MGOPU), the graphic arts department. Then everything is as usual - work, husband, children, and in the evenings and (or) weekends, teaching fine art to rich aunts.

   I also studied for two years and graduated from the "SCHOOL OF FLORIDIAN DESIGNERS "NIKOL""

To date, I have already graduated from the year in the International School of Design, this time for a change in St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg), although it is in Moscow :) and in London :)

   So I - Natalia Popova is really a Professional Artist with more than 30 years of practice.

In addition, I am a Professional Teacher of Fine Arts with the Experience of teaching including "not prepared" people :)

   The artist in all spheres of life and in the eternal search for ... free time!


Natalia Popova - Professional Artist.