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In one breath she combined watercolor painting and strokes from pasty techniques - my love and expression! This is probably my first time when it seemed to me that I wrote a real masterpiece! I could not stop looking and stop. The next day, of course, I calmed down and even found a bunch of things that could be improved / corrected. BUT it's watercolor! It is better to write a dozen more options and then clearly understand what is better after all.

The main rule at the end is - DO NOT TOUCH ANY MORE !!!
In the spring in Crimea (EH !!!) we usually go for a picnic in the mountains. In spring it is often windy and cool near the sea, and the mountains climb faster and on a sunny day it is just wonderful there. Plus, crocuses bloom first, and then everything that is possible blooms. Children collect heaps of cones and burn such bonfires. This year, things went awry right away. And we are far from those mountains and the sea ... The only plus in this idiotic situation is that here I do not choke on inspiration and desire to embrace the immensity. I honestly go according to plans, plans long awaiting my attention. Now is the only way to enjoy our spring bonfire of aromatic cones.

Thank you for your attention, interest and time.
Natalia Popova - Professional Artist.