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Take number 3 and take number 2 (in the carousel) - find 10 differences.
In today's difficult times, I come across more and more statements that drawing "is the best remedy for stress, it will help to distract from problems." Everyone who can can write with rapture how great it is and how they can’t live without it. For some reason, everything is completely wrong with me. For me, painting is the extreme between the "flight of delight" and the "rage of failure."

Both that and another goes beyond the bounds of an even balance of mood with corresponding consequences for people around me and myself. So, if you are an emotional and addicted person, you need to be prepared for the 2 sides of the coin, and not believe in pink snot “painting will save the world!”. Some went crazy from her ... But writing about this, apparently, is not fashionable.
Watercolor for me is unexplored material. So far endless. Techniques and effects amuse me as a child's new toy. In this work, I achieved a pretty good speed result. Half-sheet about 4 hours of work. Next in line are experiments with a palette knife.

Thank you for your attention, interest and time.
Natalia Popova - Professional Artist.