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Irises by Elena Moroz @ihappygirl as part of the @watercolor_battle marathon #watercolor_battle_3 #royaltalenseu #royaltalens_europe A3 format, paper 100% cotton from the Neva palette (tested new). In general, I liked the paper. In the wet paint spills beautifully, the pigment does not eat much - in general, it behaves softly and obediently. It doesn’t hold the layers very well, but if you act carefully, it even holds.

Testing paper on irises smoothly switched to testing black oxide from van gogh on the background (you can’t watch two ethers at once😈). If not for this granulation, I would have stopped on a light background, but Astapa suffered ... What can I say ?! Beautiful granulation, but not very out of place - irises are too patterned and take a lot on themselves. Therefore, mixtures with ordinary burnt bone were used - in order to compare with the same oskide black ... Compared - granulation is very beautiful in itself, and I did not like burnt bone as I did not like it. You should evaluate the result.

Thank you for your attention, interest and time.
Natalia Popova - Professional Artist.