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A portrait on the air of Svetlana Chantal in the framework of the @watercolor_battle #watercolor_battle_2 #royaltalenseu #royaltalens_europe I don’t really like to paint portraits of such velvet beauties - there’s nothing to catch on! The result is frankly not happy. If I have time, I’ll rewrite it on cotton.
A year ago I bought Goznak antique paper with a watermark from the 70s on Avito (see carousel). 

It was then distributed only through the union of artists (words of the former owner). It seems that even cotton is in the composition, but not for sure. A year ago, I painted portraits on her and it seemed to me that she was simply created for them. And then I sat down and didn’t know what to do with it ... After some time, of course, I adjusted, but these jumps in paper types are simply exhausting. And in front of me there is still a new cotton paper of the Nevsky Politra for testing ... I can’t choose and stop

Thank you for your attention, interest and time.
Natalia Popova - Professional Artist.