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"Flacon" ("FLACON" - the name of the exhibition complex in the Mountain Olympic Village). A quick etude with acrylic.

On the last sunny day and after the crisis, I again "slipped" to acrylic (well, her, this watercolor!). From a patch of shadow on the open air site, I have already copied all the interesting things and rested on the battered look of the Flacon building. I decided to try to leave in a stylized abstract version. It didn’t really work out, but still in that direction. In general, with acrylic at this stage everything is clear to me and the goal is achieved.

For me, the tempera is still "tastier." In addition, you feel strange feelings when your work is not recognized by technology, and everyone polls think that this oil ... Apparently, Olya had the same feeling @ retunskaya_olga when I asked one of her gorgeous portraits:“ Is this a watercolor? Not a pastel? ” Only in my case it’s definitely not a compliment.

Thank you for your attention, interest and time.
Natalia Popova - Professional Artist.