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Today I had a crisis. All day the head gets a little sickly and all the vital energy disappeared somewhere. Yesterday I received constructive criticism from the curator of our blue group @ivan_tupeyko_art and decided to “slightly” rewrite the foreground of yesterday’s solar study. In general, I rewrote it, but I came to the hotel and looked from far away ... In the place of the open air there is a small piece of shadow and, when you leave, the sun blinds in your eyes - nothing is visible.

I decided that tomorrow “another couple of strokes” would not hurt. She embarked on a new study, and this time also without ocher ... Tormented, tormented - that’s not all! Lightness disappeared in body and soul, mood fell below the plinth. In the hotel, and with this study decided "for tomorrow." Then hopelessly ruined the arsha leaf with watercolors and FSE !!! Bobby died in every sense. The transition from hiding technique to watercolors always does not go easy for me, and even when things are hopelessly off, it doesn’t matter which technique. And every time I, like a ram, fight against closed gates instead of relaxing, letting go of the situation and waiting. I went to bed.


Thank you for your attention, interest and time.
Natalia Popova - Professional Artist.