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Hello everyone from Sochi! Our journey began with a late departure from the Crimea to Krasnaya Polyana. As always, we buried ourselves in the camp and left instead of the early morning at about 10 in the morning. On the way we stopped for a swim on the Golden beaches of Anapa. I did not expect there are dunes, as in the Baltic states! Then they decided to take a walk around the center of Anapa and reached the mountain Olympic village on Rosa Khutor, where the NewArtFest will be held, arrived only by midnight. Anyway, I arrived at NewArtFest a day earlier and we spent it in the Rosa Khutor mountains.

Oh god How beautiful it is in the autumn in the mountains !!! It’s always beautiful in the mountains, but now it’s just unrealistic photo wallpaper. Traveled all working cable cars, bypassed almost all the waterfalls of Mendelich. The weather is wonderful - warm and sunny. In the Olympic village, autumn is just about to break out, but the higher you go up, the more enthusiastic the color of the trees is. The air is wet and spicy in the autumn, streams, rivers, and waterfalls oozing from everywhere. The head is spinning from overexcitation of all senses! Autumn, like spring, is a fleeting changeable moment of complete delight. The main thing is not to miss this moment and I succeeded. Autumn, you are incredible!

Thank you for your attention, interest and time.
Natalia Popova - Professional Artist.