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"Instead of tea" Painting Watercolor 38x56 Natalia Popova - Professional Artist 2019

Instead of tea Painting Watercolor 38x56 Natalia Popova - Professional Artist 2019

I sat and stupid for a long time - I could not think of a name for this work ... Something strange is happening in my work. Usually I know very clearly what I want and fairly soberly evaluate the results. Desires and results do not always find a compromise, but I still understand whether the work was successful or not. And then a stupor ... I submitted documents for joining the Union of Russian Watercolorists and Olga Petrol @olgapetrol recalled my work “And this will pass” (or simply “Storm”) as expressive. She really is and, by the way, won the Audience Award at the Biennale in Alushta last year. And looking at this still life, I wondered - WHERE is my expression?!? I feel hostage to Sanders - his soft glamorous overflows confuse me. Or maybe I still haven’t really learned how to write on it? What do you prefer in my performance - soft glamorous works or expressive brushstrokes?

Thank you for your attention, interest and time.
Natalia Popova - Professional Artist.