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"Istanbul Night" Watercolor Painting 36x51 Painted by Natalia Popova - Professional Artist in 2019

Istanbul Night Watercolor Painting 36x51 Written by Natalia Popova - Professional Artist in 2019

I was there once during a cruise on the Mediterranean Sea - sailed in the evening, sailed away the next day. This distinctive oriental city impressed me with contrasts, blooming sakura, a sea of ​​shoes in front of the entrance to the mosque and bright color. I would like to return there again, one day - it was too small and superficial.

Took a paper I’ve never tried before, Canson heritage. One store consultant called this paper "Canson's Attempt to Make an Arsh Analog." It is flooded well, but the subsequent elaborations were given to me hard - harsh. But I always blame the "dancer" - a professional for that and pros, that at least on the whatman should exude masterpieces. But the marriage of the leaf was unusual - as if they rolled a roller with needles along the sheet. So the spotty sky is nothing more than an attempt to remove the rows of UFOs in the sky. Tormented, tormented, but still slipped to white. But the UFO won, though the sky is not very good for me ... And by the way, this is my first attempt at a night landscape. How do you like it? Is the mosque soaring and glowing?

Thank you for your attention, interest and time.
Natalia Popova - Professional Artist