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"Red currant green leaves" Watercolor A4 Painting by Natalia Popova - Professional Artist in 2019

Red currant green leaves Picture A4 Watercolor Painted by Natalia Popova - Professional Artist in 2019

This time she took the pulp and ... rested. No - GOST 70% cotton, but it behaves like a true good cellulose: bright and does not like water.
For some reason, in our yard in Moscow we planted chic bushes of red currant. Many years ago I worked in a foreign company with one Englishman and he told me that London and its suburbs were planted with fruit orchards exclusively for beauty. Nobody eats the fruits - they just admire the gifts. Then I could not understand at all - how is it just for beauty?!? In those days, we raided the scientific garden of Moscow State University and ate apples of all kinds. Oh! How mo-o-olod we would be! Apparently in terms of ecology, we have reached the level of London and now we have currants exclusively for beauty ... At least that is what I read in the eyes of the aunt passing by when I was picking up a handful of berries for this production. My son was bored nearby and he had absolutely no thoughts that the currant was edible. As a child, we ate everything: buds and young leaves of linden and larch, begonia flowers from flower beds, petioles of blades of grass, red clover nectar, wild rose, hawthorn ... You can’t count everything! I knew the tastes and smells of all the plants that surrounded me. And it was in Moscow !!! Other times have come ... And the currant is really very beautiful !!! Although who knows what is cleaner and more edible: what is now sold in stores (herbicides, pesticides), or what is growing in the yard? What do you think?

Thank you for your attention, interest and time.
Natalia Popova - Professional Artist